B2B Branding.

Branding a business to business wholesaler to stand out in a competitive marketplace.  A brand is an identification of a product or service from a known source, such as a company, a corporation or an organization. However, the name of the organization can also serve as a brand. The value of a brand is reflected by how a product’s name, or company name, is perceived by the marketplace – whether that is a target audience for a product or the marketplace in general. We call this the “brand value” and clearly these can have different meanings and therefore different values. It is important to understand the meaning and the value of the brand (for each target audience) in order to develop an effective marketing mix for each of those target audiences. Therefore, branding can have multiple approaches which all aim at the same end result: identifying your company, or product, to your particular target market.

One client that comes to mind that required multiple approaches is the Graff Valve & Fittings Co. Graff is a distributor of a wide range of industrial products for both the large and small industrial wholesaler. The company is the outgrowth of years of practical marketplace experience dating back to 1930 when the grandfather of the owners founded a small surplus plumbing supply house which grew into the largest importer of pipe fittings and flanges in the country.

In the case of Graff Valve & Fittings Co. we had two basic assignments; one, develop a visual brand that would be recognized throughout their market and two, develop a marketing/advertising campaign that would illustrate the strength of the company. Our first concern was putting together a strong representation of the company that would be used as a brandmark. We researched Graff’s competition and decided that another symbol would be just that – another symbol in a crowded marketplace. We discussed the options with our staff and the owners of the company and decided that the best way to image this particular company in their marketplace was with a logotype of their name: GRAFF. Because the company deals with heavy industrial items we felt that the logotype should reflect that feeling. After developing the brandmark (logotype) we used the same type treatment throughout their corporate, marketing and advertising materials.

We then began working on their advertising campaign. We wanted to advertise what Graff does for their customers. Everybody says that they can do things better, faster and cheaper then their competitors, but we wanted something more: something that would create an interest within their customer base and to potential buyers. We learned that in some cases people would come to Graff because products that they ordered from other companies were either not delivered on time or were substitute products. The customers (mostly contractors) relied on the correct products being delivered on time in order to meet each project’s standards and schedules. The slogan that we created and built the advertising campaign around was “Results – Not Excuses.” The ads worked well and those people that saw them began to associate the slogan with the company, thus strengthening the brand of the company as a whole.

Obviously the aim of branding, marketing and advertising is to put companies in front of their target audience – as often as possible – and within budget. Having a good product or service does not guarantee sales and certainly is not a guarantee of success. The Company still must get the word out to people (as often and as well targeted as possible) in order to create a sales interest. DesignMarks.biz has been developing marketing, and corporate and identity programs for a wide range of corporations: multinational to local from its beginnings. May we develop a brandmark or branding campaign for you? DesignMarks.biz is an experienced firm that has dealt with a wide variety of companies in many industries: service, manufacturing, retail, financial and entertainment. Please review our website at http://www.DesignMarks.biz and contact us to see how we can help you increase your business visibility.


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