Keeping Your Brand Current.

Branding a Corporation and Keeping that Brand Image Fresh Over the Decades. Establishing a brand image for a corporation that can withstand the test of time can be illustrated through the history of Herman Bogot & Co.: now The Bogot Companies. Bogot was established in 1945 as a one-person operation. The Company originally specialized in heating products, such as small boiler installation and maintenance work. By 1963 Herman Bogot & Co. was still a very small enterprise – with just three employees – but the time was right to move forward and begin building “The Company” for the next generation. was called in to develop a “logo” for this small, but emerging company. Over time the servicemark (logo) turned into a brandmark – and is still in use today. With its new image in place the small company began to grow, flourish, expand and enter into new markets and to brand the entire operation. The Company took on projects not only locally, but throughout the United States: from the Carolina’s to Seattle.

The greatest exposure that can be developed for a smaller company within its marketplace is generally in the form of exciting marketing visuals: beginning with promotional materials used for direct mail – and then moving into advertising: both printed and electronic. As The Company grew so did our responsibilities: from purely graphic services we began directing materials to their niche audiences, and developing their annual marketing and branding programs. Included in these plans was direct mail, print advertising, sales presentations, trades show exhibits, vehicle branding, web site development, etc.

Over the years has worked with The Bogot Companies (which now consist of six very specialized, but product-interrelated companies) to integrate the marketing and the graphics of each of these companies in support of the basic mission of the larger organization. We developed The Bogot Companies’ trademark in the early 1960’s when it was a single entity. Over the years the Corporation has grown, prospered and expanded – and the recognizable mark has been applied to all six of its divisions. By branding each of The Bogot Companies’ individual firm’s they reinforce the marketing and advertising programs of the others – and thereby strengthening the entire organization.

There are several basic parameters in the development of a branding system for a corporation. Two such parameters deal with stages of development. One, when a branding development begins one must look at the make up of the corporation and project where the corporation is headed: five years, twenty years, fifty years down the road. Obviously, one starts with the corporation’s current business plans. The second is dealing with the company over the years as the direction of the corporation can (and will) change, depending on the product lines and services of the corporation; management goals; merges and acquisitions; socioeconomic changes – to mention a few. Therefore, the branding of the corporation must adjust to all these changes – and any projected changes. There are several ways this can be accomplished – such as maintaining and adjusting corporate brand standards, revising same, and beginning from scratch. We see examples of this all around us today: Coke Cola, AT&T, FedEx/Kinko, etc.

Obviously the aim of branding, marketing and advertising is to put companies in front of their target audience – as often as possible – and within budget. Having a good product or service does not guarantee sales and certainly is not a guarantee of success. The Company still must get the word out to people (as often and well targeted as possible) in order to create a sales interest. has been developing marketing, and corporate and identity programs for a wide range of corporations: multinational to local from its beginnings.


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