Making Your Brand Visible.

Branding a Company for the Purpose of Increasing its Visibility within its Marketplace. People go into business for a variety of reasons. Some entrepreneurs want to develop an entirely new type of product or service, while others people usually want to produce a product or service in a better way then already exists. Almost all of these companies start out as small entities and, unfortunately, most of these companies either fail or remain small throughout their existence.

C.A. Hayes Mechanical Incorporated is a growing regional contractor working in the field of energy management. The company services institutional, commercial and industrial customers in the Chicagoland area. With over thirty years of expertise and experience the company has both the technology and capability to install and service heating, air conditioning, temperature control, piping, hazardous gas detection, sheet metal and building automation systems.

A number of these companies plan for growth by publicly promoting their brand image in order that potential customers in their marketplace will be aware of the company way before they are in need of their products and services both in perception and in size. In any case, every company needs to become known in its marketplace if it is to survive. Large, well-funded companies put vast sums of money into marketing their company and its products and services. Smaller companies need to do the same, but limited funds sometimes hamper this effort.

In order to fulfill the desire of the company to grow via visibility, began by developing a strategic marketing program built around the implementation of a new brandmark. The object was to design an extremely strong and unique symbol that would be applied in such a way as to make the company more visible then their competitors to their target audience. We began branding the company and its services through the development of a new trademark and then we applied the brandmark throughout the company.

Although a brandmark cannot tell us everything about a company it can give us a fast glimpse, or impression, about that organization. This is much like a national flag identifying, and giving us a generalization about, a particular country. Or, like a few bars of music bringing to mind an entire song. No matter what product or service a company delivers, it is best to first convey that corporate image to its target audience through its brand identifier: brandmark, trademark, servicemark or logo.


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